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About Behmor Inc.

What began in 1997 as a visit to a local roaster/co-op in the cloud forests of Monte Verde, Costa Rica, morphed into personal quest to create an affordable, yet user-friendly, home coffee roaster that would enable anyone the means to roast their own and enjoy the true meaning of fresh roasted coffee.

After eight years of research, 250,000 miles traveled, thousands of tests roasts and countless revisions, we were proud to bring you the Behmor 1600in 2007, along with the beginnings of a new company, Behmor Inc.

That was our beginning; now a little over 4 years have passed and Behmor Inc., is now taking a new step in the journey.

As with the Behmor 1600 and in continuing with our goal of bringing fairly priced, yet quality products incorporating innovative ideas and technologies, Behmor Inc., now offers the Brazen coffee brewer.

The Brazen brewer took almost 4 years to go from concept through redesign, through innovation to reality, all with a defined goal of innovation for a better cup. The Brazen offers never-before-used patent-pending technology of temperature calibration coupled with proven techniques, such as pre-soak features, precise and accurate water delivery temperatures to combine for the ultimate in brewed coffee.

While small in size, Behmor Inc's goals are to leave a large and positive impression on all those who purchase Behmor products, while at the same time maintaining and instilling a social conscience on what we do.

And as a bonus, everyone enjoys a great cup of coffee.

Thank you for visiting and sharing your time with us. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have.

Kindest regards,
Joe Behm

Patience and Perseverance with a Great Deal of Passion

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